Project: Every Angle for Small and Medium Enterprises
Style: Animation
Description: A video explaining the ‘Every Angle for SMEs’ service offering. Used as a part of a presentation, during events, and online campaigns. Created using After Effects, illustrations provided by illustrator Erwin Vreeman.

Project: Every Angle – Self Service BI for daily use on your SAP data
Style: Animation
Description: A guided tour through the Every Angle software solution, highlighting only the most important parts. Consists mostly of screen recordings, where the content and actions were closely storyboarded. Animated in After Effects.

Project: Every Angle – Empowering Business Analytics for SAP
Style: Animation, video
Description: This video explains Every Angle software in less than three minutes. The challenge was to explain the technical aspects, the unique capabilities of the software solution, and its international customer base in a single video. We decided on a mix of sketched illustrations (done by an external artist), imagery and previously recorded customer testimonials to make this happen. Everything has been animated in Adobe After Effects and styled in Photoshop.